We are Different.

We are Different in principle. We offer premier catering services, pursuing our passion for creativity and individuality.

Margarita Vitali-Sarantopoulou


Margarita Vitali-Sarantopoulou founded Different & Different, in order to combine her two great loves, art and food. As a painter, she ‘sees’ food aesthetically, an object to regenerate the senses.

Christoforos Peskias


Christoforos Peskias has become a household name, re-inventing Greek traditional cuisine with his creative interpretation of international gastronomic trends.

What we offer

Our productive and creative processes are centred around and inspired by our main philosophy, people & food. Your event, personal or professional, is all about you, about creating a menu that exceeds your expectations, based on your budget. We refuse to come up with a conventional or standardized menu! Our experienced chefs work for you and with you to create the style of cuisine that suits your event and your mood, while food styling- a ‘trademark’ of Different & Different- lifts off even the simplest dish.

Tailor-made events & parties

Tailor-made events & parties

Our team is there to cook your chosen menu ‘on the ground’.

Corporate food services

Corporate food services

We run corporate ‘restaurants’, where the specific needs of your corporation are met.

Cooking lessons

Our executive chef Christoforos Peskias has literally created a ‘school’, modernizing and updating traditional cooking methods, while constantly expanding his and his students’ culinary horizons. Generous as a teacher, Christoforos chooses to teach techniques and cuisine styles that are always in tune with the latest food trends, while he structures his lessons in such a way, that the participants are sure to stir, cut, or sprinkle.

Next seminar

Seminars of the season 2019-2020 have been completed. Stay tuned for the new schedule!